NITA STRAUSS Would Love To Play With METALLICA: ‘If You Guys Are Watching, I’m Available’

Nita Strauss

In an interview with “The Roman Show”, guitarist Nita Strauss was asked if there is any other group that she would love to play guitar for.

She responded (see video below): “Oh, so many. So many. You know, I love to play guitar; that’s the thing. If I’m gonna throw the first thing out there, it’s always METALLICAMETALLICA, if you guys are watching, I’m available.”

She continued: “I love to play guitar. I’ve never really been the type of guitar player that goes, ‘I’ll only play this style of music or that thing.’ I love my regular job playing with Alice Cooper, I love doing my solo stuff, I love doing guest spots and guest tours. So I just love to play, and I’ll play with anybody that’ll have me, just about.”

Nita‘s debut solo album, “Controlled Chaos”, was released in November via Sumerian Records.

In March 2018, Strauss started a Kickstarter project to fund her own album; according to the page for the project, it netted her $165,755.

According to a statement posted by her on the project’s page, she will not be signed to a record label, as this will affect the ability of her band to make its decisions.

However, sometime after launching the Kickstarter, Strauss reportedly signed with Sumerian Records, with Sumerian having uploaded music videos of hers to their YouTube channel, resulting in some of her donors afterwards expressing anger towards her, calling her actions “hypocritical”.