NITA STRAUSS’s Plans: ‘ALICE Has 10, 15 Years [Of Touring] Left. Maybe I’ll Wanna Have A Family At Some Point.’

Nita Strauss

The top female guitarist of our times, Nita Strauss, is planning to retire. No, no, no, don’t jump off the bridge right now. Her plans are for the future so she told Blabbermouth. Take a look:

“I’m not sure. I’m not putting too many things set in stone. I think that Alice has plenty of career in front of him to keep him busy for a nice long time. I’m 31, and maybe in 15 years, when I’m 46, maybe I’ll wanna settle down.

“Alice has 10, 15 years [of touring] left, and when I’m 46, maybe I’ll want to settle down a little bit and not be on the road 10 months out of the year. Maybe I’ll wanna have a family at some point.

“But I definitely never say never to any opportunities. Who knows? I could be playing with Alice next year. I could be playing with Pink next year. Or I could be playing my own solo stuff next year. I’m keeping myself open to all possibilities.”

Discussing how Cooper fans have embraced her, Nita said:

“I think that the fans like me because they know that I’m one of them. I’m, first and foremost, a rock and metal fan. I love going to concerts. I love playing guitar. I love this business.

“Of course, I don’t love everything about it. But I love what I do, and I think that’s what, first and foremost, drives people to me. And also, I take social media pretty seriously. I’m on it myself. No one else runs my pages except me.

“The only person that even has access is [Nita’s longtime boyfriend and manager] Josh [Villalta], and the only time he ever uses it is if he needs to block someone that I’ve already blocked from my personal account.

“But besides that, anytime you see someone commenting back or messaging back or interacting, it’s always me personally. And keeping that personal and direct connection with people goes such a long way in this impersonal age that we live in. So it’s a full-time job, but it’s one that I really, really enjoy.”