NITE STINGER ‘Night Stinger’

Founded in 2020 by Bento Mello and Bruno Marx, ex Tales From The Porn bassist and guitarist, Nite Stinger brings back that eightie’s hard rock sound inspired by bands such as Mötley Crue, Skid Row, Poison and Def Leppard. The band had their first self-titled album released on October 15th 2021.

With Jack Fahrer on lead vocals, Roger Benet on guitar and Ivan Busic on drums, the band puts out an album with eleven tracks that lead you to a feeling of the eightie’s Sunset Strip vibe with songs that talk about partying, night life, having fun, falling in and out of love and all the elements required for a great rock ‘n roll night out.
The debut video of the first single “Gimme Some Good Lovin'” is already available on YouTube and so is the album in physical format in Brazil through Animal Records and it will be available in Europe through Steelheart Records later this year.

All Nite Stinger’s members are already known in the Brazilian hard rock scene and some even internationally. Roger Benet has recorded with Jeff Scott Soto and some known rock bands in Brazil. Ivan Busic is also the drummer of the well known band Dr. Sin which has played at Rock in Rio and many major rock festivals worldwide such as Live ‘n Louder, Monsters of Rock, Hollywood Rock, etc, and they were the opening act to bands and artists such as Kiss, Bon Jovi, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Malmsteen, Pantera, Ian Gillan, AC/DC and etc. Bento Mello had a band with Stevie Rachelle from Tuff, called Tales From The Porn together with Nite Stinger’s guitarrist Bruno Marx as mentioned before.

Bento is also the guitar player of Sioux 66, band that has played at Rock in Rio as well and it also opened up for bands such as Aerosmith and Papa Roach. Jack Fahrer lead singer went to high school in New York where he joined the local band Good Question and played the club scenes of NYC until he moved back to Brazil where he started the band Madame that was the opening act to Jani Lane’s Warrant concert in São Paulo. Together each member of the band contributes to an unique hard rock sound.

So if you feel like listening to an album that will get you into that Saturday night mood even on a Monday get ready for the Nite Stinger.

Band Line-Up:
Jack Fahrer – Vocals
Roger Benet – Guitars
Bruno Marx – Guitars
Bento Mello – Bass
Ivan Busic – Drums

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