None – The Damp Chill of Life

What would happen if Pink Floyd and Slayer musically meet? I really don’t know but None with “Damp Chill of Life” may be considered the lost link between them in an enormous variety of ways. None show us that the sweet and tender may be affected by the acid and hard in order to make a very different kind of music that disturbs the laymen. It disturbs because the main idea is to write sweet melodies in the most common facet to then subvert them to the most disturbing and annoying. It’s like a dream that went wrong and became a bad dream. Again the idea is to subvert the ‘right’ order of things. So, in the middle of a sweet and melodious instrumental sequence comes a devilish yell that frights us to the bones and makes us go gray. Nobody is safe these days. Not even in our dreams.

There are no vocals in their proper name in “Damp Chill of Life.” Only the demonic and desperate yells aforementioned. “A Chance I’d Never Have” really means its tittle due to the despair and relentless moves to make you feel miserable. Well, then, I’ll have to say the obvious “Damp Chill of Life” isn’t meant to make you feel better. On the contrary, it is meant to make you feel terrible. Lyrics wouldn’t do it better, unstrumentals made it easier to express the feeling. Instrumentalwise, “Damp Chill of Life” is a neat and carefull feature leading all the emotions in a very proper manner leaving vocals only to reinforce the idea in general using yells and screams.

If you haven’t been introduced to Depressive Black Metal, here I present you None and “Damp Chill of Life” a great introduction the subgenre. None present life as it is, with no colors, no beaches full of babes, no happiness in the end of the day, no pot of gold in the end of the rainbow, beter yet, no rainbows, only the hard and harsh, the bitter and the cold, just life as it is in its rawest and ugliest picture. Sometimes life is like Pink Floyd in its darkest hours, sometimes life is like Slayer in its most violent hours. It doesn’t matter, None don’t make it colorful.

None “Damp Chill of Life” was released on April 11th via Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Fade
  2. The Damp Chill of Life
  3. Cease
  4. You Did a Good Thing
  5. It’s Painless to Let Go
  6. I Yearn to Feel
  7. A Chance I’ve Never Had

Watch “The Damp Chill of Life” official video here: