Nordic Folk Band VÉVAKI Release New Song ‘Gestaþáttr’


Nordic folk band VÉVAKI are now releasing a new track, titled “Gestaþáttr.” The song is taken from the new album Fórnspeki, which will be out via Season of Mist on October 28.

Originally a solo project by singer and multi-instrumentalist Will HunterVÉVAKI is a folk band which draws from Nordic heathenism and animistic traditions. Myth, ritual and a connection with the natural world inform VÉVAKI’s music, which is both contemporary in sound and wide-ranging in instrumentation.

The song “Gestaþáttr,” which is accompanied by a lyric video, can now be viewed below.

VÉVAKI comment on the song: “Gestaþáttr is the first part of the poem Hávamál (the sayings of Hár) which covers how to be a good guest and a good host, as well as containing many other mysterious verses of gnomic wisdom. Since this song is based in Eddic poetry, we decided to do a lyric video so you could see the old Icelandic and English translations side by side.”