NORDJEVEL Release New Track ‘Spores Of Gnosis’

Nordjevel 2022
Photo credit: Jørn Veberg

Sinister new track from NORDJEVEL truly captures the raw nature of the true Norwegian Black Metal.
Spores of Gnosis” leads the listeners into an atmosphere surrounded by chaos and darkness.

The band states:
Elusive and clandestine, raging and black. Like burning needles, piercing every soul and spirit-nerve.
We give you Spores Of Gnosis.

NORDJEVEL entered the international black metal scene in 2015 and spread like a plague, capturing audiences at festivals such as Inferno, Kaltenbach Open Air, Wacken, Hellfest, Bloodstock, Maryland Deathfest and In Flammen Open Air.
They were founded by Doedsadmiral, and consists of established musicians from bands such as Ragnarok, Myrkskog and Dark Funeral.

Nordjevel`s brutal and true take on black metal impressed. Their atmospheric and committed sound paired with high technical finesse, unique interplay and raw, unfiltered imagery, has the chills go wild on any black metal fan. A new full-length album is now on the horizon in 2022.