Now Vocal Coach Reacts To DIO

We all now that Ronnie James Dio was a vocal giant. His voice was one of the best thing that ever happened to Metal. Very few disagree. Now we have one more voice to Dio’s choir of best Metal singer ever: Rebecca Vocal Athlete, yeah the same that analysed Bruce Dickinson’s chants. Now it is the time to analyse Dio performing Black Sabbath’s ultimate classic “Heaven and Hell” alive with his band where the guy could explore all his majestic vocal abilities and mastery.

It’s really funny to see and the faces she does listening to the very first seconds of a selected part of the song. She does her best to disguise her knowledge of the master, but she sucks at it because we all know that she’s a Metal aficionado. She even shrives and chuckles to his wonderful voice. I bet who don’t. But the lady makes a comparison that may give the creeps to some heavy metallers. She says that there is a bit of Freddy Mercury on Dio. With all due the respect, I just love Freddy Mercury and consider him a great singer, but they are simply different. Incomparable. Then she tried to correct it by:

Oh, my gosh! […] His voice is so like Frank Sinatra!

Got it? Frank Sinatra.

She compared Dio to Frank Sinatra! Okay, do you have anything to say? I don’t. I don’t like his music, but I recognise Sinatra’s voice as a good one. From where I’m standing there were greater singers at his time.

Then she nails it:

So theatrical. So much control.

Yeah, that’s alright.

Well, forget the poor comparisons and judgement she does sometimes. This video is okay because of her reaction and faces. She seems to be having a great time. Again, who don’t?

He has such vocal power. He has such role powerhouse vocals. So strong and resilient and thick and full.

Let’s keep those words as best as she goes on with her analyses.

Watch the full video here: