Nuclear Antichrist – Nuclear Antichrist

The first impression one gets as listening to “Nuclear Antichrist” is that it sounds a lot like hardcore/crossover band Ratos de Porão. But with more musical competence due to a better guitar duo. Though, Nuclear Antichrist have the same heart and passion. The same heaviness and strength. That’s  a natural thing. Punk rock/hardcore isn’t exactly known for its musical virtuosos. Or complex playing. On the contrary, it’s known for playing more with heart and passion than everything else. Really no problem with that. I’ve got my sympathies for some punk bands, unlike many of my peers.

I know it’s to be repetitive, or redundant but still, many people don’t know that thrash origins are in hardcore bands. A mix of the punk strength and power with metal’s musical complexiness and virtuosity. Nuclear Antichrist are a band that show us exactly this. With a more powerfull voice. Nuclear Antichrist are a mix of a raw death metal vocal with thrash and classic metal instrumentals. The outcome is very interesting. Mostly, as I told before, because of the guitars whcih are very inspired as in, for instance, “Nuclear Legions” where there are even NWOBHM twin guitar phrases. As well as in “My Worst Enemy.” Lirical content is also near thrash. Nuclear Antichrist insist on a nuclear warfare.

Unlike their thrash peers, Nuclear Antichrist’s guitars got a medium high tone, which let their sound more natural and distinguishable. You hear everything perfectly. Phrase by phrase. They contrast with low and guttural from hell vocals. The most impressive thing about it is that Jeff varies it. It’s not that same growiling all the time. In some songs like in “Reaper Command,” the contrast with vocals and guitars work pretty fine. There’s a mesmerize vocal line combined with a mesmerized guitar riff that fullfils everything. “In Death We Trust” is the song that reminds Ratos most due to its vocals.

“Nuclear Antichrist” is Nuclear Antichrist’s debut EP and the guys did it pretty well. Pretty good stuff if you are eager for some kind of new experience.

Nuclear Antichrist “Nuclear Antichrist” was released on May 15th via Big Cartel Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ultra Rapid Death
  2. Nuclear Legions
  3. Killing Spree
  4. Reaper Command
  5. In Death We Trust
  6. My Worst Enemy

Watch “My Worst Enemy” official video here: