NUCLEAR WINTER Launch Cover Of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s ‘Wild Side’

One-man metal band from Zimbabwe, NUCLEAR WINTER has released a cover of MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s “Wild Side“. The project is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Gary Sautmeister.

Gary commented “‘Wild Side‘ was always one of my favourite MÖTLEY CRÜE songs and after finishing the recording of my Greystone album I thought it would be fun to give that song a try. Also it was interesting on the vocals because I realised it required more attitude to get it across than how I was generally doing clean vocals. I certainly can’t compete with Vince Neil, but doing it was a good learning exercise. I also experimented with adding more synths and making the track more industrial but it just felt better not to add unnecessary stuff to it.”

​Sleeping Village comments: “Industrial melodic death metal is admittedly an intriguing vehicle for party-ready hard rock, but so long as you nail that iconic driving riff and earwormy chorus, you’re gold. Here, NUCLEAR WINTER‘s sole occupant, Gary Stautmeister, delivers the snarling sneer that one expects–nay, demands–from a Crüe ​cöver. The song chugs along in fairly faithful recreation, with, of course, a little extra heft by benefit of its metallic leanings. This recalls MÖTLEY CRÜE if they came to prominence in the industrial boom of the early aughts. The juxtaposition, for all its intrinsic weirdness, sits pretty damn well.