Nuclear Winter – Stormscapes

One more for the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ In this especific case, the name of the band. The name Nuclear Winter takes me to a Heavy or Speed or even Thrash Metal band. It was with a lot of surprise that I noticed that the band has a very interesting Extreme Metal with some 1980s Gothic Rock features. Now I remember that Metal Addicts reviewd them in this February. Great to see that the band maintains its personality as in “Night Shift.” My memory sometimes tricks me heavily. Their cover of Frank Sinatra’s “New York” is surreal. I can’t find another word that expresses it so well. It was another surprise to hear it with an Extreme Metal wrapping even with the wind instruments. I guess it got all the malevolence the city deserves and that the original song hides. That’s it! It’s the malevolence that turned the cover into something unbelievable.

“Stormscapes” opens up with an industrial guitar riffing with some electronic effects. Soon the riffing gets more palatable and the vocals take over changing “Hearts of Stone” completely. Well, I’ve got to say that this song changes a lot within its short three minutes and something. Vocals bounce from the death growl to a gothic Sisters of Mercyesque vocals. The same happens with the instrumentals that are joined by the beginnid by a very insteresting and creative keyboarding. I’ve got to say that it is a respectable and solid track. I liked the mooding Nuclear Winter impose in it. You, my child of the night, pay attention to this band. Following track “The Wide Water” explores more the vocal nuances letting more spaces to the aforementioned gothic singing. Guitars also appear more with more licks and phrasings. But it is the drumming which takes the lead with a respectable pounding using the technique of using snare drums and doublebass altogether. The result is a killer and menacing drumming that take sover the song. “The Northen Winds” has the same vibe except the drumming that gets a little shy, but maintains the feeling.

I always mention when I receive an EP with few songs. Sometimes it’s hard to review them because the songs do not have such a personal trace as this “Stormscapes” which made it an easy task. Nuclear Winter made a very personal and full of attitude album. Just the way we ask for. A band doesn’t have to make a sonic revolution to stand out. It has just to have personality and attitude. Only that.

Nuclear Winter “Stormscapes” will be released on July 15th via MMD Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Hearts of Stone
  2. The Wide Water
  3. The Northern Winds
  4. New York, New York

Watch “Heart of Stone” official video here: