NVRK – Thghtlss Lght

In the beginning, Black Metal was some kind of weird, raw and brute soundtrack of the apocalypse. Bands played the fastest and the crudest to show thaie disapproval to religion and to standard values. The idea was to raise hell and bring the musical chaos to humankind. But then, somehow someone thought hell deserved a neat and more complex and more requinted soundtrack and bands started to embellish their instrumentals, but never to forget the aggression and heavyness. The thought was if you have to burn in hell, let’s burn with style! So, here is NVRK with the EP “Thghtlss Lght” an album that reminds us all this.

First thoughts about “Thghtlss Lght” is that it’s not usual for me to review EP with less than three tracks simply because I don’t think they are enough to get a hold on the band. It’s not anough musical time to get the soul of a band, but, of course, there are honorable exceptions to the rule. Here we have NVRK with the EP “Thghtlss Lght” with only three tracks, but the thing is that they last twenty-five minutes, so enough time to pass a judgement – wow, that sounds so serious! – about the band and the album. Truth is that “Thghtlss Lght” made my effort easier because it is very monolithic maintaining the dark and gloomy mood for all the album.

“Thghtlss Lght” starts with the apotheotic “Shattering the Vessels” with an intro that has the unhidden intention to raise hell throughout the album. Well, in fact, the promise is fullfilled with flying colors – ops, colors?!? “Thghtlss Lght” brings all the pain, regret and sorrow that hell must hold. Following track, “The Woumb of Lilith” follows the same painful path showing all the horrors and regrets the tormented souls must feel while in limbo. Yeah, that much! Hell is not for the weak, my child of the night. There are two types of souls in hell; the ones that suffer and the ones that make suffering. NVRK intend to be the first one “Thghtlss Lght.”

NVRK “Thghtlss Lght” was released on June 14th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Shattering the Vessels
  2. The Woumb of Lilith
  3. Into the Patterns of Ajna

Watch “Thghtlss Lght” full EP here: