Obedience to Dictator – Hogzilla

a0643183325_10 Brutal death metal has never been my preferred type of death metal, but I’ve never been afraid to dive in and see what the subgenre has in store for me. And today it gives me the EP “Hogzilla” by Obedience to Dictator, which I have to say is some of the better brutal death metal that I’ve heard before, but it still fell a little short for me to really give it a thumbs up and mean it. Don’t get me wrong, if you like this genre then I really have to say that it’s just for you! The vocals were as brutal as you could like them. They were to the point that I don’t even think the vocalist knows what the f*ck he’s saying. That’s how deep and guttural they were. The guitars were raw, heavy as a f*cking mountain, and taking no prisoners as all 5 songs were intentionally lacking in any large amounts of fluidity to them which just made “Hogzilla” all the more raw if you can believe that. The drums were much the same way as there were plenty of moments that were fast and others that were a little bit slower to bring some variety into the mix because a constant blast beat gets annoying after a little while. Like I said, this isn’t exactly my kind of death metal, but I can truly see where people who do the genre will like “Hogzilla”. It’s not the best brutal death that has hit my ears, but I would be lying if I said that you shouldn’t check this album out if only for the curiosity’s sake. Hell, maybe it’ll make you have a whole new take on the genre.

You can stream “Hogzilla” in full on Bandcamp here, and stream the opening track, “Grimlock Overload”, via YouTube right below.

Track Listing:

  1. Grimlock Overload
  2. Solar Warden
  3. Megabong
  4. The New Lords (Audio and Music taken from “The Mist” All Rights to Mark Isham and the owners)
  5. Let Me Sleep (We Have to Fight)