Obituary – Ten Thousand Ways to Die

obituarytenthousandwaystodie Some legends are meant to die at one point or another, but some just refuse to be put down no matter how long they’ve been around as they continue to expand upon their already prestigious legacy. Obituary is one such legend. As one of the titans of death metal that have been going for over thirty f**king years, this band has put out countless pieces of excellence for the fans of whom they’ve certainly not forgotten, and their latest tribute to their vast gathering of followers comes in the form of “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”. A special record in many peoples’ eyes, mine included – the record not only holds eleven live recordings of supreme quality, but also two brand spankin’ new songs straight from the studio as proof that the gears are still turning in the minds behind Obituary. The two tracks, the album’s namesake and “Loathe”, are both absolute crushers that is just the sort of thing we’d expect from Obituary: the same brand of death metal with the same levels of awesomeness that we’ve been delivered for decades now, and it’s still yet to be a let down. What follows then are the aforementioned eleven live recordings of epics like “Slowly We Rot”, “Centuries of Lies”, and “Visions In My Head” that truly bring the majesty and awesome levels of gore Obituary has always been known for. My favorite thing, however, is how each track is separately recorded in a separate city (Baltimore for one, Fort Lauderdale for another) and then edited together to make “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” a nearly seamless experience for the folks like us at the computer or in our cars where each track flows right into the next without any sort of noticeable change in quality or overall sound. It’s also cool to know that the crowds’ reactions are that of a different city, a different throng, and a different group of mindless maniacs just like you who want to hear the splendid act that is Obituary. And whether you look at “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” as a live album to immerse yourself in over and over again or as a piece to show what’s going on with Obituary in the studio, there’s no denying how fantastic the album is in every imaginable way.

“Ten Thousand Ways to Die” releases on October 21st! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Loathe
  2. Ten Thousand Ways to Die
  3. Redneck Stomp (live)
  4. Centuries of Lies (live)
  5. Visions in My Head (live)
  6. Intoxicated (live)
  7. Bloodsoaked (live)
  8. Dying (live)
  9. Find the Arise (live)
  10. ‘Til Death (live)
  11. Don’t Care (live)
  12. Chopped in Half-Turned Inside Out (live)
  13. Slowly We Rot (live)