OBSCENE To Release Full-Length Debut, ‘The Inhabitable Dark’

Obscene Band

Indianapolis-based death horde OBSCENE have aligned themselves with Blood Harvest Records for the upcoming release of their debut full-length, The Inhabitable Dark. The album is due out in May on digital, CD and vinyl formats.

Vocalist Kyle Shaw comments on album track “Isolated Dumping Grounds,” the first single off the album to be released: “The song ‘Isolated Dumping Grounds’ is about a man who kills but doesn’t want to. Once he had found an isolated dumping ground for a victim, the urge consumes him to a point of uncontrollable impulse. Sonically, this was a huge step up in aggression and energy. While we do like the ‘Sermon to the Snake’ demo, we agree that we had sacrificed urgency in favor of mood, and wanted more balance.

“The additions of both Mike (guitar) and Roy (bass) really spearheaded the progression from the demo to the LP. The phrase The Inhabitable Dark was inspired by Jack Ketchum (R.I.P.) in his book Red where the protagonist enters the inhabitable dark to wreak vengeance on the antagonists in the story. Lyrically, a constant theme throughout all the songs is man being pushed to this point and the consequences that come with.”

After impressing with their 2018 demo, Sermon to the Snake, OBSCENE make their LP debut with a renewed sense of ruthless aggression in The Inhabitable Dark. They entered Earth Analog Studios in Tolono, IL in summer of 2018 to lay down eight tracks of death metal fury.

Not adhering to any sort of ‘caveman’ or ‘cavernous’ trend in the current climate, this album harkens back to the early Florida and Dutch death metal scene as well as nods to U.K., Scandinavia, New York, touches of vicious thrash and riff oriented traditional heavy metal to go along with an unhinged acidic vocal style. Artwork provided by cult artist and legendary great, Mark Riddick in one of his best works. Come with OBSCENE down in The Inhabitable Dark!

The Inhabitable Dark track listing:

  1. Without Honor and Humanity
  2. Bless the Giver of Oblivion
  3. All Innocence Burns Here
  4. They Delight in Extinction
  5. Black Hole of Calcutta
  6. Isolated Dumping Grounds
  7. This is He Who Kills
  8. The Inhabitable Dark
Obscene The Inhabitable Dark