Obscura – Diluvium

This world of extreme music keeps surprising me. Few years ago I would never wonder of a progressive death metal band. As I told in my last review, the guys are playing like hell! But the point is that Obscura and “Diluvium” are much more than shreadings. “Diluvium” is a real album with well built songs and Obscura are a real band where musicians play to the band. Naturally, there is in “Diluvium” all the shreadings one should expect – or not. It’s no wonder that a band with such skilled players would build up songs using all the technique they have. But the point is that it is natural, not forced in any way. Obscura guys are using scales that I can’t even say the names.

Jokes off, “Diluvium” is a very good album. Obscura manage properly all their technical skills with strong, harsh, and cruel songs. Songs like “The Seventh Aeon” and “Ekpyrosis” also balance atmospheres with wonderful bass lines. Pay close attention to “A Last Farewell” and its awesome fingered bass line. It’s a killer! Bassist Linus Klausenitzer and drummer Sebastian Lanser are destroying with their conventions. Pay attention to the beginning of “The Conjuration” and the aforementioned songs. There you can see why the bass drums have this name. Nonethless, guitar riffs are such killers as well. Phrases are very well built as in “An Epilogue to Infinity.” Yeah, my boys and girls, it’s not enough to fast to be a good guitar player these days. One needs to write complex, and fast, phrases to be considered great. Of course, a little swing helps a lot.

For some it’s only one more shreding show off album, but to those who admire good music, “Diluvium” is great. We should never forget that Metal is a musicial moviment. So, music must be beyond. For Obscura guys it is. I have no doubt about that. It’s not only the complex playing, it’s also the good songwriting.

Obscura “Diluvium” will be released on July 13th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Clandestine Stars
  2. Emergent Evolution
  3. Diluvium
  4. Mortification of the Vulga
  5. Ethereal Skies
  6. Convergence
  7. Ekpyrosis
  8. The Seventh Aeon
  9. The Conjuration
  10. An Epilogue to Infinity
  11. A Last Farewell

Watch “Emergent Evolution” official video here:

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