OBSCURITY VISION Releases ‘The Deception Of Truth’ Music Video

Obscurity Vision

The brazilian Death / Black Metal band OBSCURITY VISION, which released the Dark Victory Day album in 2017, released the first single with the new lineup, “The Deception of Truth,” a music video that shows scenes of the horde in action in the studio and on stage.

The recording sessions of the single were made in the “Estúdio A Todo Volume,” in Forquilhinha, Santa Catarina, Brazil, with production of the band guitar player Luiz Rodriguez. The music video images were also made by Luiz, except the live footage, which were recorded by fans.

Dark Victory Day is available for streaming on Spotify and Deezer.

Dark Victory Day track listing:

01 IE.KAE (Intro)
02 Living a Suicidal Dream
03 Obscurity Creation
04 Benefit of Evil
05 Dark Victory Day
06 Apodrecendo
07 Slow Agony
08 I Can See
09 The Silence Is Painful
10 Sick Minds
11 Violência
12 Black Funeral
13 Dark Truth (Storm Prelude)

Obscurity Vision Dark Victory Day