Odd Dimension – The Blue Dawn Review

After the great pounding and fire from diverse and various bands here now is the time to cool out a little and nothing is better than cooling out with a Prog Metal band that is more Prog than Metal. I say more Prog than Metal because Odd Dimension uses lots of keyboards in “The Blue Dawn.” Keyboards’ use is pretty different in Metal where they are distorted and full of effects to discart the mellow sound that comes from them. On the other hand, Prog bands in general use the keyboards clean with few effects and most of the times with the 1970s tones. That’s exactly what happens here.

Sometimes I like to add some information the band provides to give the fan a more accurate view of the album. “The Blue Dawn” tells the story of two space travellers – Markus and Eloise – involved in a deviation from their original path caused by the attacks of an unknown population that makes them land on a new planet then called ‘The Blue Planet’ where they’ll have to struggle to live, to the point of creating an army with the very matter of that planet to help them restore order and save their children, who will eventually mix with the hosts created by them, generating a new race. Sounds interesting, huh? I did thought so too.

This was one of the albums that took me a lot of time to decide if I would review it or not. I mean, it wasn’t exactly because of the music when I could finally listent to it. That’s the point, the intro in the “The Blue Dawn” is to away long. It takes a lot of time to really start. However when it finally it was a nice keyboard tuning to then a great guitar solo embellished by other kind of keyboarding. It’s interesting to tell that opening track “Landing on Axtradel” passes exactly how would be the emotion of landing on a different planet. The song creates the perfect tension to emulate how this would be. The song is like telling this story with all the ups and downs. When “The Invasion” begins the fan may have a slight sensation that who’s singing is Sammy Hagar due to very similar some tones. But the feeling goes away fastly. This track is the more Metal of the album and show a watermark of Odd Dimension which is the bouncing vocals duets. I have to say that vocals are the best part in this album. Very carefully done and thought. Add to that a very Metal guitar solo sometimes more agressive that some Metal figures out there.

When I tell about the differences between Prog Metal and Art Rock I mean that Prog Metal bands have the tendency to use guitar riffing as Metal bands do. It’s not only the distortion factor, but also the riffing. That’s what we see here as Odd Dimension mix both features in their music and even in the songs. Another fact is that the band uses lots of pianos and some violins as well. This tells much more of a Prog band, but whatever. The music in here is great. Well, enjoy.

Odd Dimension “The Blue Dawn” was released on March 26th via Scarlet Records.

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