OLD ENGLUND Calls New METALLICA Song ‘Old People’s Music’

Ola Englund Metallica

Ola Englund shared his take on the new METALLICA song “Lux Aeterna,” and addressed some of the online comments that accused METALLICA of using drum samples in the song.

METALLICA has finally announced their 12th studio album titled, 72 Seasons which will be available next year on April 14, 2023. The 77-minute long project was produced by Greg Fidelman with METALLICA‘s James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.

Ola recently noted in a weekly roundup video how “Lux Aeterna” is the type of song that pulls you in harder the more you listen to it.

Ola also said that the song’s “rockabilly” vibe is a result of the band getting old, and joked that its classic sound is “old people’s music.”

He said: “It’s a new METALLICA song, the production is great. The song is… okay… [laughs] It’s a good song, the more I listen to it, the more I enjoyed it, obviously. But it’s a very rockabilly, driving-a-car type of song. You know, to me, it just sounds like METALLICA becoming old. Does that make any sense? They sound old. They have a little bit of a MOTÖRHEAD and maybe even a MEGADETH vibe to the riff right there. But I guess they’re old people now, and it’s old people’s music, that’s okay. It’s still enjoyable to some extent.”

Ola has addressed some of the fan feedback on “Lux Aeterna” — more specifically, those who argue that Lars’s drumming style might be too polished.

“Obviously, it’s a new METALLICA song, people have to complain. So people are already complaining about the drum sound of this. You know, METALLICA has had a history of weird choices when it comes to drum production. [On] St. Anger, the snare was basically an oil drum, and people complain about that. But, you know, it made that album that album. Now people are complaining about the kicks.”