OLE ENGLISH Release Self-Titled Album

When it comes to subverting expectations, Ole English have got it down to a fine art. Even the very name – conjuring images of bards and paladins – clashes against the band’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, and the jigsaw-type lore they build their songs on. It’s with affection that they term their fuzzy, whiskey-soaked brand as ‘Warlock rock’, and the five songs on this self-titled jaunt are as composed as they are well-composed.

Each song brings the medieval to the modern age: the journeyman vibes of opener “Paladin” fit right in with the ride-until-you-die ethos of Kyuss et al; “Old Man” showcases Nick Harvey’s belting vocals in a heartfelt number not unlike Soundgarden’s repertoire; “Holy Roller” is a nod to the 70s vintage rock plied by Uncle Acid, Graveyard and the like. Plenty more influences come to the fore, from The Sword to Kingston Wall, but the ultimate takeaway from Ole English is a damn good night of rocking fun with 40oz’s, a bit of herb and story-telling that delves into all kinds of strange matter.

Such a strong early release out the gate will cement Ole English’s place in their hometown’s playlist for 2019, and the band already have their sights set on the road after a set of successful runs through the US – there are plenty more places in need of an Ole English Black Mass.

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