Omega Diatribe – Abstract Ritual

9MYFEvQc I’ve got a little equation for you all. Don’t worry, doesn’t require much thought. You ready? Here it is:

Groove metal + death metal vocals + a little math metal and djent = Omega Diatribe

I told you that wasn’t much to think about. That little thing basically sums up all there is to know about the style of Omega Diatribe’s latest album, “Abstract Ritual”. And while that sounds like a giant mess it actually doesn’t sound bad at all as the final product brings a nice and balanced element of intensity that is unique to say in the least. This album only has 6 tracks to it but all of them were unique in their own ways and that is what really made the album for me as not one thing outside of the band’s style was repeated in any of the songs which is always a good thing. The guitars and drums had a magnificent flow to them that were only matched by the vocals that had a real intensity to them by being very much like death metal if you refer back to the earlier equation. Even though I believe that there is plenty of room for improvement, Omega Diatribe have made a very solid album that is more than good enough for anyone looking for something that’s pretty unique. Because “Abstract Ritual” is unique.

You can stream “Abstract Ritual” on Bandcamp here and purchase it via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Subsequent Phase
  2. Extrinsic
  3. Hydrozoan Periods
  4. Abstract Ritual
  5. The Quantum
  6. Unshadowed Days (Perception Remix)