Omega Point – Isolation

We have been receiving a great deal of project-bands, or bands that are born from the ideas of a mastermind and are composed of guest musicians. I can’t explain in total this phenomena, but it’s real. Maybe it’s an outcome of the internet era when it is easier to gather people in a cybernetic environment. Maybe not. Fun fact is that they are mostly Extreme Metal with some uncanny merges. Omega Point are also Extreme Metal, not exactly of uncanny merges, but of interesting ones. One foot in Extreme Metal, the other in modern, another in traditional instrumental. Hey, there are three of them! Ops…

Omega Point are a band whose instrumentals are pretty much traditional Metal. What do I mean by traditional Metal? That Omega Point are riff and guitar oriented. There are lots of great solos interweaven all songs. Guitar licks are the bridges to all instrumental passages. It’s possible to say that Omega Point are a band which an extreme delicate care on instrumentals. How about vocals? Well, in “Isolation” there are a lot of different types of vocals. In “The Last Light” shrieking vocals are interweaven by those clean modern Metal vocals which produces a neat contrast. Guitars again save the say. There are great guitar solos in “The Last Light” with a nervous drumming to give a more Extreme Metal vibe to it. Following track “Cold Embrace” with a different vocal could be in any Queensrÿche album from “Empire” era. I likes the despair and solitude that vocals pass in it.

The contrast Omega Point gave to their songs are the point of inflexion of their music. It’s where the band stands out from the crowd and gets their personality. There are also some dissonances that are very well put as in “My Empty Grave” which also features vocals in contrast which is also one of the highlights of “Isolation.” Dissonances are also an element Black Metal bands are working with. The outcome is a bit more of musical chaos.

“Isolation” is an album that works hard to please Extreme Metal and Modern Metal fans. In fact, it’s not that hard due to do the extreme quality of its neat instrumentals.

Track Listing:

  1. The Last Night
  2. Cold Embrace
  3. My Empty Grave
  4. Eye from the Storm
  5. Path to Eternity
  6. All the Same
  7. Isolation

Watch “Isolation” lyric video here: