Ominous Conclusions – The Outsider Review

To review an EP with only three tracks isn’t really my thing. My point is that there isn’t enough time of playing music to judge an album or a band. Not fair, I’d say. However, once in a while I decide to break my golden rule – hahahahahaha do you, my dear child of the night and fan, really think I have one? – an review an EP just like this Ominous Conclusions “The Outsider.” The point is that I really try to be fair when I put its music in my player to give an opportunity to a band. That is, before deleting the files just because it’s an EP I really listen to it. That means that I may be surprised. And I was. Ominous Conclusions “The Outsider” might not the heaviest and fastest piece of music ever, but it does sound great.

My feeling is that “The Outsider” was originally composed to be a movie soundtrack or something like it. Maybe that was the intent or something in the same mooding. The music in it tells me so. Musicwise, Ominous Conclusions is half way of being a mix between the Neoclassical with Prog Metal with delicious dashes and portions of Mahavishnu Orchestra without all the tons of guitars in it, pending much more to thr Neoclassical. It was a surprise to me. In fact, technically the album has three tracks, but they are somewhat musically connected and linked. It’s a story told by music. Fun fact about “The Outsider” is that when the starts to really get used to it and to like it, the album is over without any notice. No dinner, no flowers, no nothing, only the end.

I’m shockingly aware that I’m about to commit one of the most vicious and crule sins of the beginner reviewer, but i have to say it to get it right. The music in “The Outsider” is ominous. Not dark, not gloomy. Maybe somber explains the feeling a little better. It has some kind of mystery. The same mystery a movie does and that’s why I was caught in the middle of a lot of emotions when I first heard the smooth piano intro of “Part I – Alone” where the piano notes lead the fan to something hidden out in the dark. The surprise element one may say is everywhere here. Even thought the music in “Part II – An uncertain escape” takes the fan to a familiar, the outcome may not be so certain. Ther are surprises subtlety hidden in the layers of sound the band so exhaustively built. The guitar that was hidden somewhere in “Part I – Alone” does its entry in “Part II – An uncertain escape” and for the fan’s sake doesn’t leave at all. Its overdriven tone with a kind of digital delay really got me. That’s the part when I felt the similarities with Mahavishnu Orchestra which for me pay the album off.

Ominous Conclusions “The Outsider” will be self-released on August 20th.

Track Listing:

  1. Part I – Alone
  2. Part II – An uncertain escape
  3. Part III – A Goulish Revelation

Watch “Part I – Alone” official music video here: