One Less Reason – The Memories Uninvited

one-less-reason “The Memories Uninvited” is the sixth studio album from the band One Less Reason. “Break Me” is the official song, which is a pretty good piece of the band habilities. Although it is not an easy task to label the music they make, I would say that they are a kind of modern heavy pop band. Somebody will kill me for that, but if “The Lies” and “You Didn’t Know” were presented me as Tears For Fears’ songs, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. The line of singing and the mixed effects bring this feeling immediately.

All that said, I must say that Cris Brown is a very good singer. He flies naturally from an angry and gritty singing to a very clean voice full of emotion and feeling. It’s not so easy to find skilled singers like him nowadays. The guitar work varies a lot throghout the tracks. Although for me sometimes they need a little more brightness, the rhythm guitars conduct the songs nicely and in an organic way. It’s an option the band made when mixing up the tracks. But in my opinion, some electronic effects like vibratos, echoes and others sometimes hide that power and aggression that metal songs must have. Metal is all about powerful, loud, and distorted guitars!

“Break Me” and “On The Way Down” are the highlights of this work. The smooth effect of the keyboards and the deep distorted guitars make them more likely pleasant to hardcore metalheads. They almost unleashed the guitars! That would be really great if they set them fly free.

You can listen to “Break Me” via YouTube below:

Track listing:

  1. Break Me
  2. Something Beautiful
  3. Sometimes
  4. Time
  5. The trade
  6. One Day
  7. On The Way Down
  8. The Lie
  9. You didn’t know
  10. Rainmaker