One Tail, One Head – Worlds Open, Worlds Collide

There are bands that make the writing of a review so easy. When a band is so good that it is love at first sight and when it is so unusual. Both are easy because words flow from your fingers. Difficult bands to review are the ones which features a ‘more-of-the-same’ music. One Tail, One Head “Worlds Open, Worlds Collide” is the second type. They are very weird. To begin with take a look at their name: One Tail, One Head. A name you can’t find everyday. Only one thing is for sure, the music they play is extreme metal. Just that. The rest is uncanny enough. I remind of only one band that goes near what One Tail, One Head do. It is Tormentor, a band I downloaded by accident using e-Mule – I’m pretty sure you don’t know it, do you? I mean both, the band and e-Mule.

One Tail, One Head add a weird sense of humor in their music. It would be a kind of opera buffa, but I’m pretty sure their sense of humor doesn’t go that near. Another fun fact is that One Tail, One Head mix in their music some unusual effects giving a baroque vibe to it. By effects, I mean playing some uncanny instruments and some strange musical lines to an extreme metal band. Besides, One Tail, One Head are a pretty regular band. There are no track one can say of having a regular sonance in “Worlds Open, Worlds Collide.” Well, I think it’s okay. It’s refreshing. The only trouble is when it gets too weird.

One Tail, One Head often feature clean guitars to make a point. I mean, to reinforce some musical idea that the band tries to draw. Interesting concept because it’s not easy to turn into sounds concrete ideas. well, I guess they did a pretty good job in it. “Worlds Open, Worlds Collide” is a very interesting album if you are open-minded because they are really instrumental lines in it. Bass player does a very good job.

One Tail, One Head “Worlds Open, Worlds Collide” will be released on October 5th via Terratur Possessions.

Track Listing:

  1. Certainly Not
  2. Arrival, Yet Again
  3. Worlds Open, Worlds Collide
  4. Stellar Storms
  5. An Utter Lack Of Meaning, Hither To Unbeknownst, Suddenly Revealed
  6. Firebirds
  7. Sordid Sanctitude
  8. Rise in Red
  9. Passage
  10. Summon Surreal Surrender

Watch “Rise in Red” official video here: