ONLYSOUND Release Their S/T Album

OnlySound had its beginnings in a request from my friend and fellow OnlySound guitarist Stevie G. He approached me with a folder full of lyrics that he had written and wanted to know if I could possibly write the musical accompaniment. I am not much of a lyricist, but I did have quite a bit of experience composing and arranging folksy pop music for a couple of singing groups. So, I quickly found melodies and chord structure for Stevie’s lyrics, and with our drummer, Elaine Gruener, we began rehearsing the songs with the idea of forming a rock and roll band. In the beginning, Stevie and I traded bass guitar duty, but soon added a bass player, we went through four, before auditioning Eric Littles, a multi- instrumentalist who proved to be a great fit for us. As we started, I was the de-facto lead singer, but we knew we needed a dedicated vocalist big voice, someone who could command an audience and lead a hard rock band onstage. We luckily found the perfect front man in Jewell Yocum, hosting and singing karaoke in the Cherry Lounge on the South side of St. Louis. We played our first show there. As we have progressed, we’ve settled into our roles: Stevie writes the lyrics, (though Jewel and I have also contributed) and provides riffs. I serve as editor and composer of structure. Elaine and Eric act as the heavy anchor, and Jewel as the interpreter and translator of our communal angst. As a team, each of us contribute to the arrangement and embellishment of our songs.” -Dallas Woodson, on the genesis of OnlySound.

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