Ontborg – Within The Depths Of Oblivion

Outrageous! Startling! Maliciously beautiful! Of a shocking evil beauty!

That’s was my very first impressions when I heard this Ontborg “Within The Depths Of Oblivion” and its ten tracks of pure evil beauty. When I say that Extreme Metal bands are approaching to a certain degree of perfection, I really mean it. Gutural vocals that were a limitation to expand the array of emotions that bands could explore in a song are not that limited anymore as vocalist Lukas Flarer shows us. Lukas Flarer managed a way of expressing all the rage, wrath, despair, misery, and desolation we all feel when we look deeper into this lonely, miserable, and sad planet. Songs like “This Time” should get a honorable mention, a plaque or something like that due to the emotion it passes. Very impressive.

Of course, instrumentals helped a lot in building this monument of dark and gloomy emotions. “Within the Depths of Oblivion” was built to express the uncanny and the least used expressions of feelings Metal bands usually explore. There is some kind of anxiety within “Within the Depths of Oblivion” that disturbs the fan. Well, if you are not used to it, Metal bands are obliged to disturb. It is mandatory. The lyrics in “Livins Is a Torture” express it better than any words of me. Pay close attention to “Snow of Lethe” and its instrumentals and vocals. Note that they are related and follow an emotion driven path with all the high guitar riffing that allows vocals to outstand. It bounces when vocals go away to a more distorted driven path, but still with high guitar riffings. The end is iconic with the acoustic finishing. Following track “No Memories Beyond” is a bit more conventional, but still with remarckable parts that allow even a certain swing. Bottom line, “Within the Depths of Oblivion” is an album where emotion go free.

That’s it. Listen to pop if you don’t want to be disturbed in any way. As a matter of fact, this “new” pop has been the same for at least 30 years.

You, my child of the night, that like the unsual and the uncanny, but also the evilish beauty of Metal, here it is an effort that will make you very happy.

Ontborg “Within the Depths of Oblivion” was released on May 24th.

Track Listing:

  1. Living Is a Torture
  2. Within the Depths of Oblivion
  3. Entwined in Darkness
  4. A Storm Breaks the Silence
  5. This Time
  6. Die to Be Alive
  7. Snow of Lethe
  8. No Memories Beyond
  9. The Long Awaited Winter
  10. Black Garden

Watch “Within The Depths Of Oblivion” official video here: