OPALGLAS Delves Into Industrialized Metal Madness On Debut Single ‘Arizona’


Critically praised German experimental, multi-instrumentalist Christian Kolf (VALBORGOWLABSOLUTUM) has revealed the latest single, “Arizona,” from his industrial-metal project OPALGLAS. “Arizona” is a dark, eerie electronic track, using elements of Industrial, Doom, Drone and Witch House.

Finding inspiration from Autechre’s “All End,“ Sidewalks and Skeletons’ “VHS Death,“ as well as Author & Punisher and Godflesh/JK Flesh, Kolf describes the motivation behind the song, “I wanted to feel a tingle inside my head, created by sound. I wanted to feel strange, after the song is over. Woozy by audio.“

Beside the production of the song, Kolf is also responsible for the creation of the video. “The music and the video belong together. I see it as one trippy thing. The visuals should amplify the feeling that the song creates. A visual distortion of bubbling shapes created through infinite layering. The sizzle that is layered over everything.”

Kolf continues his prolific work with upcoming albums for VALBORG and OWL and new projects coming up featuring LANTLOS members and more.