Open Burn – Divine Intermission

Ah, the sounds of the 1990s. I know there is no such thing as coincidence, but a few days ago I was wondering how nice it would be to review a band with this attitude. Sometimes the universe conspires for you. Guess the name of the album? Yeah, you’re right, “Divine Intermission.” Could it be more appropriate? I guess not.

So, here’s for you Open Burn and their debut album “Divine Intermission.” The first thing that calls the eye is Eric W. Johns’s strong and melodic voice. Dude sings a lot, really a lot. Songs are well-built as well. Well, maybe it’s so because Open Burn aren’t a band of newcomers. In fact, three of them are veterans of the seminal Lethal. That’s explained why they sound so good. A band that really knows how to put it all together piece by piece. And the outcome couldn’t be other than songs like “Prison Of Me,” “Drawing Lines,” and “Statues” with the right dose of melody and power. Open Burn are the good example that Metal is timeless. Also pay close attention to Dell Hull’s guitar interventions. Sharp, well-put, precise, and most of all, delightfull. Guitar tone is also a killer. Full of drive.

As I told before, Open Burn’s catch is to dose equally strength and melody. Don’t go thinking that it is an easy task, because it’s not. I can number hundreds of bands that tried and failed miserably. Some are very know, but I’ll avoid disclosuring their names. It really doesn’t matter. The point is clear: each track of “Divine Intermission” has a perfect dosing. To prove my point go right to “Pointless” and check it out. Jerry Hartman’s drums are a paralel show. Dude is breaking it all. Last, but not least, the cherry of the cake “Statues” in an accoustic version. Could anyone, please, take out that damn thing that got into my eyes… Come on, guys… Easy.

“Divine Intermission” is an album to hear over and over again. I did it three times. Just to check…

Open Burn “Divine Intermission” was released on June 29th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Prison Of Me
  2. Drawing Lines
  3. Statues
  4. A Stone’s Throw
  5. Mary’s Lament
  6. Seven Orchids
  7. Pointless
  8. Dissection Lullaby
  9. Statues (acoustic bonus track)

Watch “Drawing Lines” lyric video here:

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