OPERA NERA Find the ‘Land of Salvation’

Opera Nera compose in a non-canonical song form, very close to an open structure totally influenced by the soundtrack music.
The theme that links the lyrics is that of willpower and the construction of an inner space that is a place of redemption and reaction to the outer desert. The land of salvation is not to be reached but to be built.

The guest vocalist on the album is TIZIANO SPIGNO (Extrema, Lucky Bastardz, Kings of Broadway). The singer and vocal coach recorded his tracks in Naples at the Godfather Studio, where the whole project was recorded, mixed and mastered by MASSIMILIANO PONE.

“Land of Salvation” has been issued as an elegant digipack with embossed cover and 16 page booklet with lyrics and photo.
A videoclip made by the band for the song Wrong is available on the band’s official Youtube channel.

In the summer of 2020 “Land of Salvation” raised some very encouraging reviews from the Italian and the Spanish Metal Press. The city daily newspapers and some alt/rock magazines also wrote very good words on the album and the band.
“Land of Salvation” has also been issued in vynil format as a special ltd edition of 5 (five) copies. All of them are numbered signed by the band and in different color in order to create 5 different unique collector’s items.

The gatefold vynil includes an exclusive DVD of the band performing NOSFERATU, a 12 page booklet with unseen photos and a glossy poster. All the 5 copies have been sold at 100 euros each and went sold out in 48 hours via the band’s website.
Opera Nera are working now on the new album that will feature Tiziano Spigno again as lead vocalist and some international guests.

The brand new album has also been recorded alive in an empty theater on the vulcain Vesuvio during the pandemic lockdown. The experience was very useful as pre-production of the ultimate recording that it is set to be held on June at the Godfather studio in Naples.

Band Line Up:
Tiziano Spigno – lead vocal
Alessandro Carrino – guitars
Marco Napolitano – guitars
Alessandro Pacella – bass
Eduardo Spada – drums

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