Opera Nera – Land of Salvation Review

Does anyone here believe in love at first sight?

I do, and it happens all the time. Mostly with bands that I have some kind of connection. My fan may ask what kind of connection is this I may find some difficulty to explain it. Though I can say that if it is a Hard Rock the odds of this happening are very high. Very high. and most importantly, if the opening track is something like “Feeding the Wolves” and its energetic and exciting mood and vocals, the odds are pretty high indeed. Opening tracks are still very important in an album and as Metal music has permanently embraced the album culture there is nothing more mportant than the energy the track is to deliver. “Feeding the Wolves” is awesome and deserves the title of opening track.

EPs are very interesting to review. They are short and bands choose carefully which tracks to load it – well, I guess. On the other hand, they are a bit difficult to write something about as they have few tracks. The problem is that there are times that me and the EP don’t blend. It’s not the case here. As aformentioned opening track “Feeding the Wolves” did an amazing job to blend the album and me. Moreover, “Land of Salvation” is full of surprises as in “In the Salvation Land of Her Breast” which, by the way, has a fantastic title whose The Police’s mood brings some excitement in the air and some variety. It’s my sacred duty to mention Opera Nera’s ability to mingle the diverse and apparently that isn’t bound to match. Each track os this album has a little of this. Listening to the guitar solo of “Feeding the Wolves” Led Zeppelin came to my mind. Some AC/DC as well. “Wrong” starts with some taste of 1990’s rock but soon this bad influence flies awya leaving room to a strong guitar riff and drumming. There are other influences as the aforementioned The Police in “In the Salvation Land of Her Breast” and some 1980’s rock which may sound out of place. Funny to notice that it reminded me a lot The Strokes. Just heavier. The fan may find the album a bit out of place as well but it’s the path Opera Nera decided to take and which makes it worth listening to.

The link Opera Nera found to connect all tracks are the guitars. I mean, it’s the balance of the strange influences with Metal riffing that gives the flavor to “Land of Salvation.”

Opera Nera “Land of Salvation” will be independently released on July 07th.

Track Listing

  1. Feeding the Wolves
  2. Wrong
  3. In the Salvation Land of Her Breast
  4. Save Me
  5. Suburbia Messiah
  6. Trees

Watch “Wrong” official video here: