Opprobrium – The Fallen Entities

This is an album with a history. So does the band. First time I heard I really thought the band was so 1980’s real deal to be a newcomer. So, I gave a look  in the material I received. It happens that I was right. So the story goes.

Opprobrium were Incubus until the beginning of the 2000s when the band has to change the name due to the eponymous Californian Alternative Metal band. The problem was that Incubus had been apart for a time and when they reappeared from a ten-year break, the famous eponymous was in action. Bad luck, after all. Incubus were active from 1986 until 1991 to reappear in 2000.

“The Fallen Entities” is their new release after a ten-year hiatus and it follows the acclaimed Death/Thrash Metal mix formula the band used to do before. Technically, it is a more complex album with insane guitar interventions using mesmerizing riffing and demented whammy bar strikes. You can recognize echoes of bands like Sepultura and Metallica in tracks as “In Danger.” However, it’s a natural thing because they started almost at the same time. Opprobrium are the real deal.

What is easily noticed about “The Fallen Entities” is that the Death/Thrash Metal mix is present in all tracks. There aren’t different moments in it. First track “Dark Days, Dark Times,” for instance, kicks off with a speed Death Metal grip to end with a crunchy thrashy riffing. All eight tracks follow this formula in a way. As I always say, Opprobrium are a band with strong personality.

Opprobrium “The Fallen Entities” will be released on February 22nd via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Dark Days, Dark Times
  2. Creations That Affect
  3. Wicked Mysterious Events
  4. The Fallen Entities
  5. Throughout the Centuries
  6. Turmoil under the Sun
  7. In Danger
  8. Obstructive Behaviour

Watch “Wicked Mysterious Events” official video here: