Orbseven – .ismos.

a1952649333_10  I’ve never thought that the vocals of an atmospheric black metal album could be used to add even more ambiance to the music, and that is exactly what Orbseven does in their latest album, “.ismos.”.

All 7 tracks off of “.ismos.” have a very smooth, calm sound to them that doesn’t make them seem like they should be called metal at all but the technicalities and occasional black metal-esque vocals show that this is definitely a metal album albeit unlike metal in several occasions.

The sound of which Orbseven has created with this album is distinct from other atmospheric albums I’ve heard before because this is much more smoother, has more rhythm, and has a slightly higher quality to it that a good chuck of atmospheric bands out there lack no matter how hard they try.

“.ismos.” is available for streaming via Bandcamp here.


Track Listing:

  1. Falsifier
  2. Gravity Room
  3. Face to the Fire
  4. A Part of Nothing
  5. Staircases
  6. Turning the Sun
  7. Omniversal
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