Orchid – Miasma

Here we have an album that is full of surprises from the very beginning. At the moment you play it ion your player, you’ll be astonished, and pleased. “Miasma” takes off with “Obsolescence,” a track that have absolutely nothing to do with the title. It starts at full power with a strong and harsh Phil Anselmo-esque voice followed by a precise and killer guitar in a slow tempo Doom Metal tune. This is valid only for the very first minutes because in a sudden everything changes. A quick, and precise, passage with some elements of jazz and bossa nova changes completely the atmosphere and takes “Obsolescence” to a very different level.

My brothers and sisters, “Miasma” is an album to surprise any metaller who dares to think that has heard at all. No, my child of the night, I’m so sorry, you haven’t. Orchid are here to prove you wrong with an intense mix of Death and Doom Metal with some jazzy syncopated guitars and a very resourceful drumming. “Dead End” is the track which shows how skilled the drummer is for its electric piano and 1970ish jazz rock sequence. Killer track for whom desires to hear something really different. It’s such a pleasure to a Metal band featuring such pleasant influences. 

Of course, there are tracks that are more regular, let’s say, as “Identoid,” but regular is a word that really doesn’t apply to Orchid. Even “Identoid” has its insane vocals and rhythmically complex guitar playing. Let me put you in brief what Orchid are; imagine a very angry 1970 jazz rock band with the influences of Slayer. I guess that does it.

Guitarists must pay attention to the jazzy intonation the guitar solo does in the middle of “Sugar Pill.” Note that the stress  isn’t in the beginning of the notes, but in the middle of them. A technique very common to jazz players, but unusual to rock and Metal players who follow the blues intonation best.

Orchid aren’t the band for you who wants the ordinary. They offer much, but much more.

Orchid “Miasma” was released on January 10th via Proximity Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Obsolescence
  2. Solipsist
  3. Master Supreme
  4. Dead End
  5. Identoid
  6. Sugar Pill
  7. Zero-Sum Game
  8. Disassembly Line

Watch “Master Supreme” video here: