ORDER Announce Recording Of New Album

Originally formed in 2013, Norway’s legendary ORDER ‘ band members pledged to the task of restoring a form of filthy, raw Nordic black death metal.

ORDER’s line up includes Manheim (ex MAYHEM) /Billy Messiah (ex MAYHEM, COCKROACH CLAN) and Anders Odden and Rene Jansen (CADAVER).
Stu Manx of GLUCIEFER, took over the bass duties in 2014 Anders Odden has been the live guitarist for CELTIC FROST and now also handles the bass duties in SATYRICON.

Manheim elaborates :

It definitely sounds closer to the early stages of Norwegian Black Metal like ‘Deathcrush‘ era than later variations of the genre. It is dirtier, rawer and more brutal and unpolished. The reason why we went in that musical direction is difficult to say. It has not been something we planned, it just happened naturally .
The energy is now more intense than it has been for years.

ORDER’s new album is planned for a Fall / Winter 2021 release date.

Order New Album Making