Original KORN’s Drummer DAVID SILVERIA: ‘If I Remember Correctly, In Our Budget, We Spent $85,000 On Liquor And Other Things.’

Original Korn‘s drummer David Silveria talked to Radioactive Mike Z the things he and his buddies did in 1998.

The burning question; What are the other things, Dave? Huh?

“When we did ‘Follow the Leader,’ it was pretty much complete chaos every day and every night when we recorded that record at a studio in the [San Fernando] Valley called NRG.

“We rented a house in Hollywood. We basically had parties every night after we would be in the studio. And there was a fenced-in backyard, and everyone would be drinking beer and we’d tell everyone to throw their beer cans off the balcony in the backyard.

“By the time we were done recording the record to move out of the house, I think the entire backyard was covered in three feet full of beer cans. Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous.

“I think one of our crew guys, we actually paid him to go… He took all the beer cans and recycled them and made a bunch of money. And I think, honestly, if I remember correctly, in our budget, we spent $85,000 on liquor and other things. But I think we spent about 85 grand doing that record just on booze and extra stuff.”