Original MOTÖRHEAD Guitarist LARRY WALLIS Has Died At The Age Of 70

MOTÖRHEAD‘s original guitarist Larry Wallis has passed away at the age of 70.

Band broke the news of guitarist’s death on their official website.

Wallis played on the MOTÖRHEAD album On Parole, which was shelved for four years until the band grabbed success with the charts and a rabid following. Although recorded in 1975, the LP became the fourth album released. Despite leaving the group in 1976, Wallis is cited as co-writer on Vibrator one of the album’s stand up tracks.

In the 1980s, Wallis became a successful record producer at punk and New Wave label Stiff Records.

The Wreckless Eric albums A Louder Silence and Wreckless Eric were also produced by Wallis.

In 1987, Wallis reformed his pre-MOTÖRHEAD band THE PINK FAIRIES. They recorded and released a new album “Kill ‘Em And Eat ‘Em” in 1987.

In all of that time, Wallis only released one solo album, “Death In The Guitafternoon”, in 2001.