Outerburst – Phase A: Kaishi

Outerburst - Phase A - Kaishi (CD ArtWork)  We all know and love the original heavy metal whether it be chocked with riffs, filled with epic guitar solos for no real reason, or just having an overall campy feel to it. There are a million different bands with a million different ideas to change such a landmark genre, and Outerburst are no different with their upcoming debut EP “Phase A: Kaishi”. The thing that these guys do differently with heavy metal is very small but it has a huge impact for me when listening: keyboards. They provide a really nice, subtle electronic feel that gives the track a good background feel that somehow manages to tie the rest of the band together even though it was already acceptable even with the keyboards. The vocals in my opinion weren’t the best fit for the rest of the band, but they still had a solid sound to them that had a real good melodic factor to that helped keep you listening and keep the song flowing without it feeling too bland or just terrible. Speaking of a good melody, the whole of “Phase A: Kaishi” was really melodic which really helped the flow of the album overall and somehow still managed to capture that original feel of heavy metal that captured all of us when we first heard it, surely. This is also but the debut for Outerburst, so there’s plenty of time and definitely room for improvement on an already solid band that shows they can do real heavy metal right and show that they have got plenty of talent to throw around and maybe even impress us come a follow up album that I would actually be very keen to listen to.

“Phase A: Kaishi” comes out February 1st, and you can stream the track “Nightmare” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Release the Brake
  2. Nightmare
  3. The Crows
  4. Reborn