OUTLAW DEVILS Are ‘The B*stard Sons of Rock’n’Roll’

DSN Music recording artists Outlaw Devils are an American rock n roll band. The band itself is a tale of two cities, hailing from Dallas Texas and Tulsa Oklahoma USA. The band was formed by drummer Scott Baughn and guitarist Gary Wofford. Growing up in Tulsa OK and after spending almost 20 years in Italy starting in the late 1980’s, working recording and touring with bands there guitarist Gary (Nasty G) Wofford  moved back to America landing in Houston TX for several years before moving back to Tulsa OK in 2019. Also growing up in the Tulsa OK area, in the suburb of Owasso. Drummer Scott (The Punisher) Baughn moved to Dallas TX in the summer of 1989 after touring in cover bands throughout the US from the early 1980’s. Working in Dallas based touring bands Cold Ethyl with former original OMEN bassist Jody Henry, Scott’s own band Ruff Justice and the bands, Cry Venus, Lythias and another DSN artist, Deathgrip. Touring all over the US doing clubs, theaters and festivals like the Rock the Equinox Festival and Rocklahoma.

Gary and Scott met in 1980 in Tulsa OK based band Flite which unfortunately disbanded a few months after Scott joined. From late 1986 through the early 2000’s Scott toured a large part of the world doing shows in 33 different countries and drumming in 2 large country music acts. One of which was voted the Oklahoma Country Music Association band of the year in 1997 putting him in the Oklahoma Country Music Association Hall of Fame.

Jump forward to March of 2019 when Gary and Scott once again joined forces to build a rock band that no one it seemed had been doing for years. A straight forward whiskey soaked in your face rock’n’roll band. After much consideration they tapped the experience and expertise of former world class OVERKILL drummer Sid Falck to engineer and produce the band’s debut offering. Then recruiting the bass guitar talents of Rob (The Butcher) Tate who had worked for several years with Scott in different lineups of Ruff Justice, Rob moved back to the Dallas area from Arizona to start writing and recording with the Outlaw Devils. The 3 outlaws along with their rouge Danish producer started preparing songs and doing pre production at No Gain No Pain studios in Tulsa Oklahoma all while receiving audition tapes from vocalists far and wide. As faith would have it one singer would stand out above the rest. Vocalist Jerry (J Nasty) Woolverton with his individual style of writing lyrics to his years of experience as a provocative singer/front man, he would round out the OD lineup perfectly and ended up living only about 9 miles due south of Scott off the same street in Dallas.

The now four Outlaws and their producer, that they would soon nickname (The General) for is unwavering work ethic and dry Danish wit proceeded to record the debut record “THE BASTARD SONS OF ROCK N ROLL“  to be released digitally on May 4th 2021 and on physical CD and USB formats the following June 12th 2021. Working in the old school form of recording and forgoing the more common digital recording that is more common nowadays, opting for a more analog process and aiming for a more traditional feel and sound rather than digitally acquired perfection. The fruits of that labor spawned and album of a completely new genre of rock’n’roll dubbed by the band as Southern Sleaze Rock. Drawing from a varied list of influences as diverse as the 4 members of the Outlaw Devils themselves.

Band Line-Up:

Gary Wofford – Guitar and backing vocals
Scott Baughn – Drums and general mayhem
Jerry Woolverton – Lead vocals, melodies and lyrics
Rob Tate – Bass guitar and backing vocals.

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