Outlaw Devils – The B*stard Sons of Rock’n’Roll Review

Under the umbrella of Hard Rock there are lots of labeling that I confess I can’t exactly tell the diference among all of them. I mean, they are Southern Rock, Sleazy Rock, Shoegazed Rock, Space Rock and many others. I can’t tell perfectly what they are or what are the differences among them. Sometimes the difference is only on the lyrical content. No more than this. Others the difference is the cadence a bit faster, a bit slower and all. But whatever, leave this for later.

Here we’ve got Outlaw Devils with “The B*stard Sons of Rock’n’Roll.” Hard Rock, but not that Hard Rock with a bad name, it’s the dirty and mean Hard Rock with lots of distortion and noise. The kind of band that subliminarly say “Don’t mess with us or we’ll kick your arse” – well, actually they would never say arse, but as we’re not allowed to say the right word, if you know what I mean “The B*stard Sons of Rock’n’Roll” sweat bullets. Each guitar solo leaves an acid mark in the album corrosing everything around. The same does the guitar riffings that are dirty enough to be heavier than they sound. It’s a pitty that the guitars weren’t mixed a bit louder. For my taste they are a bit low or the voice was mixed too loud. Maybe both. Impressive and loud are the bass lines which is unusual for this kind of sound. That’s the impression first track “B*stard Sons” left me. Fun fact is that sometimes the band seems to be heavier than they really are. Here is just the opposite Outlaw Devils are heavier than they really seem.

Another fun fact is that a few years ago “The B*stard Sons of Rock’n’Roll” would be labeled as Heavy Metal due to the sonancy and the iconography and aesthetics the band deliver. Things change as time goes by, my dear child of the night. As we’re here a Metal page we bring things under the Metal umbrella and no problem with that. Sometimes as in “Rock’n’Roll Kid” and other tracks the guitar tone in the solos sound a bit like Motörhead. Well, never enough to say that this is a homage to any band in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet. Motörhead are real icons though Lemmy never agreed they were a Metal band. Here Outlaw Devils inoculate the same poisonous filthy little by little, I mean, track by track. It’s interesting how “(Filia Diaboli) Devils Daughter” shows to me a little dose of mockery and debauchery in the vocals. I really like that and appreciate the will of doing that.

“The B*stard Sons of Rock’n’Roll” is a pretty respectable album even if you don’t like Hard Rock or the likes. Outlaw Devils make pretty decent heavy music here. Just check it out. You won’t regret it.

P.S.: Take a look at the cover they did for Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son.” Amazing. Poisonous.

“The B*stard Sons of Rock’n’Roll” Outlaw Devils was released on June 12th via DSN Music.

Track Listing:

  1.  B*stard Sons
  2. Raising Hell
  3. Skin On Skin
  4. Night Groove (Vampire’s Kiss)
  5. Revenge
  6. All Time High
  7. Sweat
  8. Brand Me
  9. Rock’n’Roll Kid
  10. (Filla Diaboli) Devils Daughter
  11. Hellbound
  12. Fortunate Son

Watch “All Time High” official video: