Outlaw – Marauders

The resemblance between Lee Anvel and Wasp’s Blackie Lawless’s tone of voice is really impressive. But Lee Anvel impresses to his voice more heart and emotion which makes it unique. Despite that, even with some resemblances between Outlaw’s music and Wasp, I wouldn’t dare to say that they are alike. The impression I got with Lee Anvel and Lawless was diluted as tracks went by, but still remain impressive. Tracks like “Hell’s Thunder” and “Speed Calls” keep reminding us that.

Outlaw are an old school Metal band, but the kind that put hearts before reason. Tracks like “Heroes of Telemark,” “Vice” and “Thunderstone” prove us that with a guitar line that touches us. It’s not really epic, but full of heart. Recently, Tom Morello said that a guitar can change the world, and I truly believe him. Heavy Metal bands have a heavy burden to carry, and that is to remind the ‘good people’ what the words honor and pride mean. That freedom and guns can’t come in the same sentence. Outlaw’s music remind me all that.

The point is: one can feel the passion when a band plays. The heartbeat gets faster, breathing gets harder, you feel something coming from your spine. That’s the emotion music makes us experience. Good music makes you feel us this. When you feel nothing at all while listening to a song, it’s no good. Or not for you. Both are possible. When I listen to a band like Outlaw I feel all this. And mark my words, I’ve heard zillion of Metal bands in my life. Emotion is so hard to explain, you just feel it. Outlaw provides us a perfect between vocals and instrumentals. That’s the secret of their music. The combination of a mature and experimented vocals with instrumentals with the right doses of adrenaline and power.

Outlaw “Marauders” will be released on October 26th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Hell’s Thunder
  2. Marauders
  3. Speed Calls
  4. Reaper’s Tale
  5. Heroes of Telemark
  6. Tyrants of Ice
  7. Vice
  8. Thunderstone

Watch “Marauders” official video here: