Ovate – Ovate

I keep on telling you guys that Black Metal has changed a lot. It’s not to annoy. It’s simply  a confirmation. The music got more complex. Instrumentals are neater and more related to traditional HM. Of course, there are some differences in terms of riffing. They are mesmerizing ones, and high toned mostly.

Let’s take this self titled “Ovate” for instance. There are lots of exciting riffs in it. I kept an eye in the instrumentals which are the highlight of “Ovate.” Very exciting riffing which brings an atmosphere of enthusiasm and eagerness. There are only five tracks in “Ovate,” but they are primorous pieces of an evil eagerness. Opening track, “Morgenstjerne,” is a good example of this eagerness. A mesmerizing and effective guitar riff opens it up. This riff passes through all the song which finishes in uncanny chorus. “Song til ein orm” comes next also with a mesmerizing and exciting riff. Vocals are a bit different from the usual. “Song til ein orm” is a track with two completely different parts. It has an abrupt stop to soon start again with a different riffing. It is almost a new song.

The solo guitar has a bigger participation in “Illhug,” which mantains the mesmerizing main riff. The solos embellish “Illhug” a lot, and for that reason is the one I liked most. I love guitar solos. What can I do? In “The Horned Forest King” the highlight is to the vocalist who does every kind of gritty and raspy vocals. The outcome is thrilling. Guitar riff gives the idea of a continuum, unstopable riffing. “The Horned Forest King” is phisically joined with “Inst I tanken,” the longest track.

“Ovate” does a lot to Black Metal aesthetic. It shows a moving pattern. For that it is an important effort.

Ovate “Ovate” will debut on June 1st via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Morgenstjerne
  2. Song til ein orm
  3. Illhug
  4. The Horned Forest King
  5. Inst I tanken

Watch “Morgenstjerne” official video here: