Ovenizer – SWM

ovenizer  The album title, “SWM”, is short for the second track off the album, “Satan’s Washing Machine”. Now me being the moron I am, I couldn’t take that seriously and thought that this album was gonna be stupid and I’d laugh at how bad it is and blah, blah, f**kin’ blah, I’m dumb. Well with the universe eternally setting out to prove me wrong, Ovenizer’s upcoming album is impressive to say in the least because this doom/post metal trio has created an album that made me do that bob of the head along with the beat that we all do every day even if we don’t realize it. “SWM” has an awesome variety of vocals all throughout the album that I believe any metal fan can like and enjoy at any time simply because of how good they are alongside the guitars and drums which are just as stunning. This album is solid in every single way and when it drops on April 22nd it will definitely have plenty of people applauding it as I did.

You can stream Ovenizer’s previous EP, “Exhibition of Thoughts”, via Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

1. Standing On the Shoulders of Giant
2. Satans Washing Machine
3. S&M
4. Paddling In the Sky
5. S.I.B. (Standard Issue Breathing)
6. Incubatory
7. Watch
8. Don’t Trust Me, I Know What I’m Doing