OVERHATE To Release ‘New Beginnings Are Met’ In May

Overhate Band

OVERHATE, one of the most successful rock bands in Venezuela is back with its third record entitled New Beginnings Are Met, which will be available from May 1, 2020 on the main digital platforms.

This album also represents a step forward in the musical maturity of this Caracas quartet whose music navigates the waves of thrash metal, a bit of death metal and even some progressive elements which the installment of the quartet with Giancarlo Vettor and bassist Samir Acosta, Ronald Del Aguila and Oswaldo Contramaestre on guitar, aimed to achieve with this new record.

The New Beginnings Are Met album shows what is probably OVERHATE‘s ultimate style. Perhaps it has the ideal balance between progressive and extreme, at times it is much heavier than what we did in Relentless is our Strenght, and also sometimes is perhaps a little more complicated on a technical level, “explained Giancarlo Vettor when explaining the direction the new album took.

Samir Acosta was already in the band, he is a tremendous bass player and for this style of music he gives important weight to the songs. Oswaldo Contramestre is a virtuoso and brought excellent guitar solos to the album. For his part, Ronald Del Aguila has been a friend of the band since it was founded 17 years ago, and is a drummer who understands it’s style. Definitely the lineup did a great job on this album ”, he added in relation to the new members.

The recording process was quite complex since it was recorded in 3 different countries: rhythm guitars and solos, voices, orchestras and pianos by Giancarlo Vettor at Gian’s Corner Studios (Caracas, Venezuela); Ronald‘s drums at Eagle’s Beat Studio (Lima, Peru); Samir‘s Bass and Oswaldo‘s guitar solos at Sociedad Sur Studios (Montreal, Canada). The mastering was in charge of Marcos Burgos at the Move Motions Studios in Caracas, Venezuela. Despite the distance, the band seems really satisfied with the end result in this new record, as the band stresses “it took a while, but it certainly was worth it.”

Regarding the composition of the songs, Vettor comments that “the new album is much better balanced than the previous two when it comes to OVERHATE songs. I suppose that the experience making songs is showing you the possibilities there are. When composing a new album, the sky is the limit, and when you listen to the ideas, you realize if you are out of or if you continue within the identity of your own band.”

OVERHATE is a band founded in Caracas, Venezuela and has released three albums to date: 2007’s God In A Trench, 2011’s  Relentless is our Strenght, which also gave them international recognition and saw the band first international appareances, and the new album New Beginnings are Met which drops on May 1st.

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