Overkill – Scorched Review

My first time with Overkill was in the long – and lost – gone 1988 with their “Taking Over,” their all time classic. Well, noboy will tell in 1988 that the album would be an all time classic. Nobody would ever tell that Overkill would be – off the records – one of the kings of Thrash. Frankly, I don’t think Overkill have enough things to be even considered Thrash Metal. Ok, but some do. That’s alright. No problem with that. I guess, though, that everybody agrees that we’re talking about great damn band. No doubt Overkill are a great damn band. Thrash Metal pioneers or not. By heart I remember the two best tracks of “Taking Over,” which are “Deny the Cross” and “In Union We Stand,” this late one a song that is on my playlist. From where I’m standing one of the best tracks ever made by a Metal band. I love songs with that emotional grip. The drumming is just unbelievable with the then unusual guitars and the melodic Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth vocals. In 2021 we had the pleasure of reviewing their “The Atlantic Years 1986 – 1994” box. A late homage for a band that means so much to so many. However, for reasons only the younger at heart would understand, my relationship with the band fell apart.

Now we’ve got their lates release “Scorched” that comes to fill out a four year hiatus. For the ones that like me have been far from the band “Scorched” sounds a bit different but it still does have that Overkill indistinguishable sonancy even though Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth vocals are a bit different. Tittle track “Scorched” opens up the album with style. The song does justice to Overkill’s career with the modern wrapping the band acquired – well, not that modern I must say for the fan’s sake. It’s grand opening with the right of some bells and a groundshaking guitar riffing takes the fan by the guts. It’s here where the fan will get the Overkill sonancy by granted. Any Overkill fan will recognize the band by the very first notes of “Scorched.” I have no doubt. Following track “Goin’ Home” has the same grand feeling with bass overtone so characteristic of Overkill. Some tracks as “The Surgeon” give the reason some people consider the band as one of the kings of Thrash with its speed and velocity and a killing guitar riffing. “Twist of the Wick” gives the same impression. And the album goes like this paying a homage to the good old days with some killing tracks.

“Scorched” is the band’s twentieth album with only vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and bassist Carlo “D.D.” Verni as founding members.

“Scorched” will be released on April 14th Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Scorched
  2. Goin’ Home
  3. The Surgeon
  4. Twist of the Wick
  5. Wicked Place
  6. Won’t Be Coming Back
  7. Fever
  8. Harder They Fall
  9. Know Her Name
  10. Bag o’ Bones

Watch “The Surgeon” official lyric video here: