Oversense – Egomania Review

First of all a few words about the CD cover. It’s widely spread the word that Metal covers are really something else. They are especially designed to spread the word and to mean more than meet the eyes. There are Metal covers that are real masterpieces in all senses. They all send a message and this message mustn’t be ignored – well, bands wish they mustn’t. Metal bands dream with the day they will release an album just to plan on the cover. There are artists especialized in making the art for Metal albums covers. Moreover, show of hands who’s never bought an album for its cover? I did, a lot of times, if you know what I’m saying.

After a life in Metal music seeing covers all the time, they don’t have the effect desired by the bands. It’s natural. However, once in a while, a band comes with a cover that calls the eye. That’s what happened here with Oversense “Egomania” where the album tittle fits perfectly with the album cover, or it’s the other way around, the cover fits perfectly the tittle. Whatever… A woman who seems to be from upper class in a night dress drinking a Bllody Mary up in what seems to be some kind shipwreck with a city in flames in the distance. Just what the upper are doing these days. This sad and lonely and pathetic little world is on fire with the pandemic, the pollution, the climate changes, the verge of a nuclear disaster, and many things more and they are happily drinking their Champagne. Egomania is the perfect word for it. I guess the band agrees with me because first and opening track is called “Toast to the Devil.” Any more words? Or regrests? It is the time…

The music in the album is also as amazing as the CD cover. And my fan here knows that I’m not that found of Modern Metal and its likes. But the music in here got me by the guts. It’s strong and potent with such a musicallity that goes beyond Metal genres. Of course, there are moments that Oversense get a little too commercial as in “Tear Me Down” but it’s excusable and everything gets on track with “Love” which by the name the fan would expect a ballad but it’s some kind of mix of 1980s Gothic with Modern Metal with some SOAD tone of vocals. I have to say that I appreciate. I guess a comparison with SOAD wouldn’t be an outrage at all. Oversense are a bit more melodic with more guitar solos. “Love” does have a peculiar sonancy that approaches it to SOAD’s songs. It’s interesting how tracks go changing after “Love” to get more and more peculiar. The mood in the album changes completely. For good, from where I’m standing.

Well, my dear fan, if you have never bought an album by its cover now is the time and you won’t regret it because “Egomania” is much more.

Oversense “Egomania” will be released on September 19th via Dr. Music Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Toast to the Devil
  2. The Longing
  3. Be (feat. Herma Sick)
  4. My Eden
  5. Tear Me Down
  6. Love
  7. Faith (feat. Ulli Perhonen)
  8. Rave in Hell
  9. Antisocial
  10. Memories
  11. Extinction