Overt Enemy – Possession

I have a disturbing burning question; what would ever hapenned if Metallica hadn’t sold out their souls to the big money? I really can’t say it because no one knows for sure. The only thing I know is that bands as Overt Enemy would be releasing “Possession” maybe with a different title and, mostly, a different influence than Slayer. I have no doubts about that. Instead of Haneman-King guitar solo duets as in “In The End We Died,” we would be having Kirk Hammett’s jazzy inspired solos. But they are only conjectures… Metallica did sell them out, and Overt Enemy chose Slayer as their guides.

“Possession” is a Slayer inspired album and Overt Enemy leave no breach to doubt that. If I were another kind of reviewer, or a reviewer of another kind, I would smash Overt Enemy saying that they are mere copycats, a reproduction of Slayer, blah, blah, blah. Well, as you may have noticed I’m none of them. I am here to discover bands, not not slash them out. Of course, we have strong rememberances of Slayer in all five tracks of “Possession” and Overt Enemy really meant it. That’s the main difference of a copy to a homage. “At Dawn They Sleep” leaves no doubt of whom they are paying their respects.

We could keep going on and on about the resemblances Overt Enemy and Slayer have. That would be unfruitful and pointless. The point here is that there bands that consecrate their career to homage their idols. Pay attention to the beauty of it. Bands like Krokus, Bullet, and many others chose to go on where their idols stopped; they chose to go on with their music. I guess there is no such honor. Slayer won’t last forever as they announced, and are taking ahead, what is to be their last your, but their music will last forever in bands like Overt Enemy. I guess there is no better way.

Overt Enemy “Possession” was released on August 09th via Confused Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Possession
  2. Pray for Death
  3. Blood God
  4. In The End We Died
  5. At Dawn They Sleep

Watch “Possession” official lyric video here:

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