OVERT ENEMY Release ‘Inception’

Overt Enemy are an American thrash band based in Mission, Texas.  Established in 2013, they perform their own brand of original Texas thrash metal and are also known as the best Slayer tribute in North America.

Excited to shift their focus towards original music, Overt Enemy are continually expanding their rabid fan base.  They have shared the stage with heavyweights including Accused A.D., Angkor Wat, Confused, Panteon, X.I.L, Severance, and Sons of Texas, gaining notoriety with every performance.  Their music was also featured in the 2016 horror film “The Blood Tapes,” now available on Amazon.

The band is currently recording a second album with producer/engineer Joshua Lopez (Immortal Guardian) at Widowmaker Studios in McAllen, Texas.  Titled Possession, this quick follow-up to “Inception” will include four original songs and a cover of Slayer’s classic “At Dawn They Sleep.” “Possession” will be available in early 2019.

Band Members

  • Leo Ortiz – Guitar/Lead Vocal
  • Jaime Ayala – Drums
  • Slayerella – Bass/Vocals
  • Rob Hahn – Guitar/Vocals

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