OZZY OSBOURNE Almost Unrecognizable While Appearing In Public For First Time In Months

Ozzy Osbourne 2020
Photo credit: Clint Brewer

Ozzy Osbourne was spotted in Los Angeles this week marking his first public sighting out and about in months amid his Parkinson’s battle.

Legendary BLACK SABBATH frontman was nearly unrecognizable without his signature black hair while he settled into the passenger seat of his car with his wife Sharon.

Last month, Ozzy provided an update on his heath status saying that at one point he was convinced he’s dying.

“I’m not back to 100 percent,” he said during a SiriusXM Town Hall interview. “I’m about 75 percent there, but it’s such a slow recovery. Spine surgery is bad news, man. I’ve been in such a bad state with pain; I’m still having a lot of pain.

“There was a point I was convinced that I was dying,” he continued. “I was in that much discomfort and pain and misery. I thought they were all hiding it from me. I remember saying to Sharon, ‘You’ve gotta level with me. Is it worse than you’re making it out [to be]?’ She says, ‘No.’ … I’ve dropped all the medication for pain now.”

Ozzy also said that he is very much looking forward to perform after he regains strength and the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

He said: “I cannot wait [to get on stage], but I was talking to [BLACK SABBATH guitarist] Tony Iommi the other day, and he was saying with the way it’s going with this coronavirus, indoor shows will be a thing of the past.

In late March, Ozzy‘s wife Sharon revealed that legendary BLACK SABBATH singer has been forced to cancel his trip to Switzerland to see a professor who specializes in people’s immune systems.

Ozzy has revealed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in February, 2019.