OZZY OSBOURNE And POST MALONE Release ‘Take What You Want’ Official Video

Ozzy Post Malone Live Video

Ozzy Osbourne has released a live video of his collaboration with Post Malone“Take What You Want.”

Ozzy joined Post Malone and Travis Scott on stage at the 2019 American Music Awards on November 24 to perform “Take What You Want.”

In September, Post Malone addressed his collaboration with Ozzy, recalling how he called it his “favorite” appearance he’s done “since SABBATH.”

Speaking on how he ended up having Ozzy on his song “Take What You Want,” rapper said: “I was in Utah ’cause I had just got off tour. So Ozzy went over to Watt‘s [producer and guitarist Andrew Watt] house… and [he] said, ‘Hey … Ozzy Osbourne‘s coming down. We’re gonna cut it, and I’ll Facetime you, and you let me know what’s going on.’ So we talked, and it was, like, a big [f*cking] deal. OzzyOzzy Osbourne!”

He continued: “I think he crushed it. He was talking to Watt, and Watt was telling me, yo, ‘This is my favorite [thing] I’ve done since, you know, SABBATH. Since I started my own way.’”

Ozzy‘s wife Sharon recently revealed that Ozzy‘s new solo album will be released in January.

She spoke about Ozzy‘s health during an appearance on SiriusXM. When asked how legendary BLACK SABBATH singer is recovering from his recent setbacks, she responded: “He’s getting there. He had a very, very bad accident this year, but he’s getting there.

“He’s just finished an album, and the album is coming out in January. And he’s doing good. He’s very excited about the duet he did with Post [Malone] and also Travis Scott. It’s doing great. It’s at Top 40 radio, and it’s climbing up every week. It’s doing good.”