OZZY OSBOURNE Has Turned His Backyard Into Shooting Range

Ozzy Osbourne Driving Tank

Legendary BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne has turned his backyard into a shooting range during pandemic to help him not to think about health issues.

“I have got this new hobby of shooting an air rifle in the garden. It is a compressed air rifle, not a bullet gun. It is good fun. It gets me out of my head, man,” Ozzy explained in an interview with The Sun.

“When I am in my house, I worry I never am going to walk properly or do another gig. So, I have got to get something to take my mind off of me.”

“I have got a rangefinder thing,” he continued. “It’s astounding when you put it on. It’s f*cking great. I am a good shot. I’m hitting them smack in the middle. But this has been great for me. I have been thinking of melodies.”

During an interview with GQ Magazine this Last November, Ozzy revealed that he suffers from a respiratory disease which puts him at an increased risk of severe pneumonia and poor outcomes if he was to develop COVID-19.

“I’ve got emphysema, so if I get this virus, I’m f*cked.” Ozzy said.

“If I go out, I wear a mask, but I don’t like wearing a mask, so I don’t go out much,” he continued. “The producer on my album [Andrew Watt] got the virus. I’d phone him up every day and he said he couldn’t sleep, because as soon as he went to sleep, he’d stop breathing. He’s not the same person now… It’s like anyone who’s had a near-death experience: he’s become a bit careful with life. But my two granddaughters caught it and you wouldn’t think they had anything wrong with them. It just bounced off them.”